Installing TNT Analytics

Once you purchase TNT Analytics, you’ll get a license key via email. You can also find it in the dashboard section.

Start by creating a file called auth.json in your projects root directory.

    "http-basic": {
        "": {
            "username": "[email protected]",
            "password": "license_key_from_dashboard"

Add the TNT Analytics repository to your application’s composer.json file:

"repositories": [
        "type": "composer",
        "url": ""

Next, you may add teamtnt/tnt-nalytics to your list of required packages in your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "php": "^7.4",
    "fideloper/proxy": "^4.0",
    "teamtnt/tnt-analytics": "^1.0"

After that, run:

composer update

Finally, run the tnt-analytics:install and migrate Artisan commands. The tnt-analytics:install command will install TNT Analytics’s service provider and public assets within your application:

php artisan tnt-analytics:install

php artisan migrate

After running this command, TNTAnalytics should be successfully installed.

Next, you may navigate to your application’s /tnt-analytics path in your browser and you should be greeted with the TNT Analytics dashboard which includes a lot of useful statictics.

In case, you’re getting redirected to the login page, check if you are authenitcated.

Bug Reports

If you discover a bug in teamtnt/tnt-analytics, please open an issue on the TNT Analytics Issues GitHub repository.