Real-time search analytics for Laravel

Using Laravel Scout and TNT Search on your site? This is the missing piece you need to build a complete picture of your visitors and fine-tune your search experience.

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Search insights, at your fingertips.

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Track searches as they’re made

Monitor on-site search in real time and get a quick overview of how many queries were made each day, week or month. Dig deeper to see what’s been searched the most and when.

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See what your users aren't finding

Discover the most searched for queries that returned zero results. Test and optimize your models to help people find what they’re looking for more easily.

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Schedule email reports

Get the most important search insights, including top searches with and without results delivered straight to your inbox, as often as you want.

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In the spotlight

Query Expansions

People misspell more often than you think. Unfortunately, your search algorithm still isn’t smart enough to tell the difference. With Query Expansions, you can make sure visitors who search for an “ifonne” find Apple smartphones, not a blank page.

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Although I did build the tool I'm totally not biased :). It helps me greatly on my client projects.

Simon Hamp Nenad Ticaric

TNTAnalytics enabled me to quickly find results that were missing and with 2 clicks replace them with the correct models. No coding needed! Your grandma could do it.

Simon Hamp John Smith

Build on Laravel for Laravel this tool helps me every day 👏

Simon Hamp John Smith

Very powerful tool! Great job @teamtnt!

Simon Hamp Simon Hamp

Loved by Laravel developers worldwide.

Built on top of a powerful search engine

TNT Search Analytics is designed to work with TNT Search, a full-text search engine written entirely in PHP. Get it for free and build an amazing search experience in minutes.

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Get a deeper understanding
of your audience


Improve your website usability, find keywords to center your marketing efforts around and answer burning questions such as:

  • How many people search my site and what for?
  • How quickly are they getting the results back?“
  • Are the results relevant to what they’ve searched for?

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You’ll get:

  • An intuitive analytics dashboard
  • Model performance data
  • Built-in query expansion
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports to your inbox